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April 8, 2021
5 Trends Decoding Real Estate In India In The Post-Pandemic Era

The real estate sector in India in the Post-Pandemic era is expected to do much better with the investments largely driven into the mid and luxury segment housing sector, including 2/3 BHK flats available at much-lowered prices. Better days are expected in this year 2021 from the perspective of the investment in the real estate sector. Amidst the growing inclination of buyers and investors towards homeownership, It can be certainly said that the demand for residential properties would be high in the coming year. Stick to the given trends on various aspects of Real estate:

Indian housing Sector Post-Covid19
The strike of nCoV or the novel coronavirus spread has led to the delay in kickstarting the real estate housing sector demand. To infuse the demand in the sector, the government is expected to intervene with the announcement of packages or new policy or further interest rate cuts so as to attract angel investors.

Homebuyers In India Post-Covid19

With the current situation of the market wherein, the interest rate charged on home loans had already been reduced below 7% and the inclusion of high tax-exempt are among all such measures which will certainly influence the consumer behaviour for good. Adding on to this the rebate against home loan interest payment is as high as Rs 3.50 lakhs per annum. Witnessing the current situation there are chances that the Covid 19 outbreak is likely to impact consumer behaviour, at least by the medium term.

Builders In India Post-Covid19

The small, mid, large set of builders all are witnessing a drastic dip in the business with the numbers of closing deals encountering a slump hit of an all-time low. Right now the builder segment has pinned their high hopes on the government as they sheerly expect some relief or further interest rate cuts so as to release their long stuck inventory on MSP. They also rest their hopes on the financial support from the NBFCs, a key source for housing sector funding so as to make borrowing easy and deliver projects within the promised timeline.

Office Space In India Post-Covid19

Slowly and steadily the demand in deal makeups for office spaces on rent or lease is expected to witness positive signs as the workforce is resuming the offices (where work from home model is scrapped or is not an option anymore). With offices ensuring the necessary caution protocols to maintain the health of their employees.

Mall Developers In India Post-Covid19

This year in 2021, the mall’s developments projections state that there are nearly 54 malls Ready to be launched across India. But seeing the covid19 unending effect, only five newly built malls have initiated their operations in some of the suburbs of metropolitans of the country, these specifically includes Gurgaon, Delhi, Bengaluru and Lucknow.

CREDAI Maha Requests for Realty Registration Extension & Fine Waiver

In a bid to acquire an extension for realty registration and fine waiver from the state government the apex of the Realty Developers’ body, CREDAI Maharashtra, has recently sought four months documents executed in December, 2020. The realty developers’ has addressed the IG of the Registration and Stamps department regarding the aforesaid. Also, the CREDAI has requested the state government to be lenient towards realty buyers/ developers and provide relaxation from the levy of fine given the

Housing Loan Interest Rate Contracts- SBI

State Bank of India (SBI), the largest public sector lender in a row on rate cuts on Saturday announced that it has contracted its housing loan rate of interest further. Housing loan will now be disbursed at a rate of interests starting from 6.7% onwards, effective from 1st of May, this FY 2021. Earlier this April also, the lender in a bid to infuse liquidity in the realty sector, SBI had levied cuts on housing loan interest rates i.e. 6.95% onwards based on slabs, effective 1st of April.

Sigh of Relief for COVID-19 Patients as M3M Group & IAF Ventures to Develop a Zero-cost COVID-19 Special Facility

In a bid to provide a free of cost and uninterrupted support of food and medical aid, including oxygen, for COVID-19 patients in Gurugram, Haryana M3M Foundation, a welfare wing of M3M Group, ventured with Indian Air Force to act upon this humanitarian cause in this need of the hour. Also, a mobile medical unit is set up for commuting any patient from the COVID-care centre to the COVID-19 special medical facility. Attending an online media event, Dr Payal Kanodia, Trustee, M3M Foundation here