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April 23, 2021
DLF Real Estate Authorities to Enforce Punitive Actions on 23 Residential Units for Carrying out Illegal Commercial Developments

The Gurgaon-based DLF phase-1 real estate authorities created buzz for enforcing punitive steps on 23 residential properties in accordance to carrying out illegal commercial activities which are in non-compliance with the norms formed.

In addition to imposing strict action, the Gurgaon real estate developers have submitted their concern in writing via an open letter to the ED enforcement directorate office of the district to impose stringent steps against residential spaces that have consented illegally to carry out business activities like eateries, restaurants,, shops and currency transaction-based services in corporate offices on residential spaces which are indeed failing to meet the requisites defined of the building norms. Also, giving a display of informed residents of the RERA registered licensed locality, they have intervened by filing up complaints under various provisions so as to tackle the issue.

As per the survey carried out recently in the area, the real estate developer has now managed to flag 23 residential units and have also shared the same flagged properties details with the concerned authorities which include GMDA-Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority, MCG-Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon and DTCP for notable actions further.

Property consultant in Gurgaon have raised the concern which includes that the shops, illegal fruits/vegetable stock are made, grocery are functional and other businesses od essentials tag like take away services at restaurants are in function from some residential spaces without seeking any permission from the authority concerned, locals said. As per the pre-requisites, no business activities, excluding some which can be run via the residential spaces. DTP chief, RS Batth said that there is a list of few activities granted permission to function under the non-nuisance field.

Prior to the pandemic-driven lockdown, the real estate developer DLF had addressed their concern marking authorities at DTCP of carrying away of unauthorised constructional development viz; 16 residential plots in DLF-3 had been carried out in violation of the defined pre-requisites. Furthermore, the complaint lodged by the DLF has also covered the issues like procurement of sewer connections and water-pipe connections, all in an illegal manner.


CREDAI Maha Requests for Realty Registration Extension & Fine Waiver

In a bid to acquire an extension for realty registration and fine waiver from the state government the apex of the Realty Developers’ body, CREDAI Maharashtra, has recently sought four months documents executed in December, 2020. The realty developers’ has addressed the IG of the Registration and Stamps department regarding the aforesaid. Also, the CREDAI has requested the state government to be lenient towards realty buyers/ developers and provide relaxation from the levy of fine given the

Housing Loan Interest Rate Contracts- SBI

State Bank of India (SBI), the largest public sector lender in a row on rate cuts on Saturday announced that it has contracted its housing loan rate of interest further. Housing loan will now be disbursed at a rate of interests starting from 6.7% onwards, effective from 1st of May, this FY 2021. Earlier this April also, the lender in a bid to infuse liquidity in the realty sector, SBI had levied cuts on housing loan interest rates i.e. 6.95% onwards based on slabs, effective 1st of April.

Sigh of Relief for COVID-19 Patients as M3M Group & IAF Ventures to Develop a Zero-cost COVID-19 Special Facility

In a bid to provide a free of cost and uninterrupted support of food and medical aid, including oxygen, for COVID-19 patients in Gurugram, Haryana M3M Foundation, a welfare wing of M3M Group, ventured with Indian Air Force to act upon this humanitarian cause in this need of the hour. Also, a mobile medical unit is set up for commuting any patient from the COVID-care centre to the COVID-19 special medical facility. Attending an online media event, Dr Payal Kanodia, Trustee, M3M Foundation here