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June 14, 2021
Lockdown Impact: PMC Extends Property Tax Rebate by June-End

The Pune civic body, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has announced a one-month extension for availing rebate on property Cess by 5 -10 % given the prevailing pandemic situation. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the civic authority or municipal corporations across the country are witnessing a credit crunch to serve in a qualitative manner. The ongoing pandemic has impacted the sales curve of businesses as well as administrations. Although despite the pandemic-driven lockdown, PMC has managed to collect ₹736 crores in its chest from Property Tax in the first two months of Q1 of this financial year 2021. While the collection was ₹1,500 crores last year same time period.

The sore in revenue via the property tax collection was also seen due to imposing relaxation with an additional 5% concession on the property Cess apart from the extension in the time period. As the second wave of COVID-19 commenced, a state-driven lockdown was initiated in March 2021 just before the opening of the current financial year. With all employment aspects and business outlets at a standstill state, for days it was a dubious state to strategically pit it forward about whether the realty-driven property tax collection would witness a hike this year or not. However, as a sigh of relief to PMC, the Pune residents had shown a positive sign as the tax collected summed to a total of a record ₹736 crores in the first two months only. Also, ₹526 crores were paid in taxes in the last month of May alone, the highest ever as compared to the last year.

As per PMC, these surprising figures on tax collection are witnessed primarily because the 1.92 lakh realty owners who registered in the government-centric Abhay Yojana scheme last year and have also paid up their taxes on time this year as well. The civic administration has also brought in a substantial number of new properties under their record that fall under the category of eligible tax generators realty.

Interest for Housing Real Estate in Bangalore Increases Significantly

As per a recent research, the second wave of the COVID-19 epidemic, as well as the subsequent shutdown, reduced demand for property in Bengaluru by upwards of 25% in the April to June quarter (Q2). Despite the fact that interest has fallen, prices were static. According to the study, prices were stable and increased only by 1% between April and June of this year. Generally, demand for two and three bedroom houses was high, accounting for 88% of all inquiries in the city. The three-bedroom lay

NOIDA Development Authority offers 50 Commercial Plots Across the City

In a bid to boost the NOIDA realty sector and enthral the Realty investors to invest in this region the NOIDA Authority has recently launched its commercial Realty developer plot scheme. The scheme has various salient features, and as per it, a total of 50 plots of commercial nature with sizes ranging from 480 sqm to 10,000 sqm is released for acquiring purposes. The plots released will be allocated to the commercial developers for the creation of commercial infra namely, shops, offices, hotels,

Development Body GNIDA Surfaces 75 Acres Landmass for Industrial Plot Scheme

In a bid to boost the Realty sector in the Greater Noida district of Uttar Pradesh, the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) has launched a second industrial plot scheme in Ecotech-10. Under the scheme, concerning 75.00 acres of land is to be assigned through six plots. This land assignment is expected to draw huge chunks of investment by various Realtors, to be specific, as mentioned under the scheme, it will be implemented by initiating both fast track and direct allotment pl