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March 15, 2021
Stamp Duty Cost gets Further Deducted for Women Investors

To encourage women home seekers the Govt. of Maharashtra on Monday 8th of March declared a concession rate of 1% on stamp duty over the current rates. The government made it clear that the deduction would be provided only if the sale or transfer of property was made in the name of a woman or women. He also mentioned a possible revenue loss of about Rs 1000 crore due to the concession being offered.

In order to revive the rocky state of the real estate between the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the government of Maharashtra announced to slash stamp duties on housing units to 2% until 31st Dec 2020. These tax rebates from the state government saw a large incoming flow in the registry of properties especially for the month of February. Around 10.000 registries of housing units were seen in Mumbai in February 2021 according to sources.

According to data provided by Propstack, there was an increase of about 34%, as properties amounting to Rs 11,745 crore had been sold in Mumbai in February alone. The entire cost of properties in September 2020 was about t ₹9,025 crores; ₹11, 640 crores in October; ₹14,395 crores was recorded in November; ₹34,025 crores and ₹10,170 crores in December and January 2021 respectively.

Real Estate Developers Urges Maharashtra State Government On Seeking Review To Ease Lockdown Regulations

Real estate developers based in Maharashtra have urged the state government to reconsider the regulations for the partial lockdown imposed, prohibiting the real estate sector to carry out infrastructural development effectively. As per the recent notification issued in public interests last week on April 4 meant for the imposition of lockdown, the state government announced that construction developments would only be granted for the property projects where the building workers/labourers are

Realty In Mumbai Witnesses Record Registrations In First Quarter Of FY 2021

In March, Quarter 1 of FY 2021-2022, the financial capital, Mumbai recorded a surge by 365% in property registrations with toll standings of 17,681 closed deals, as per the datasheets released from the office of the IG, Registration Office, Maharashtra. In addition, stamp duty collection also witnessed a 174% hike compared to yesteryear to Rs 837 crore in March ending. Financial transactions while registration of property in Mumbai is, the country’s biggest and costliest realty market, whic

5 Trends Decoding Real Estate In India In The Post-Pandemic Era

The real estate sector in India in the Post-Pandemic era is expected to do much better with the investments largely driven into the mid and luxury segment housing sector, including 2/3 BHK flats available at much-lowered prices. Better days are expected in this year 2021 from the perspective of the investment in the real estate sector. Amidst the growing inclination of buyers and investors towards homeownership, It can be certainly said that the demand f