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December 21, 2021
Top 10 reasons why Pune is Top Investment City for Millennials

Pune as a city has established itself as a favourite Tier 1 city among many Indians. This is due to many factors that we will go through in this article, however, the imperative is its newfound affinity among many young Indians of this nation, choosing Pune as a resting place & an abode.

Pune is the second-largest city in Maharashtra & has every facility that one can think of, from a serene architecture, impeccable healthcare system and an ever booming IT sector just to name a few, the city has a lot to offer, so let’s dive right into it.


1. A Hassle-Free Public Transportation System:

Pune as a city has a very convenient transportation system from PMPML buses & trains to autorickshaws & cabs. Just making it ever so easy for young people to travel back and forth from office to home & back again, to even clubs on the weekends for that matter. There is also an international & domestic airport at Lohegaon, Pune, where a limited number of airlines traverse, Pune Metro will also start running soon which will raise its stakes even higher among millennials.


2. Its Rich & Diverse Culture:

There are several cinema halls and theatres in the city, making it an integral part of the same forming the soul of Pune. Some cinema halls are City Pride, Inox, Esquare, PVR, Cinepolis (multiple locations) Rahul Talkies, Nilayam Theatre, Victory Theatre, and Lakshminarayan Theatre to name a few. Cultural events like Purushottam & Firodiya are huge events as well making them eminent projects of attraction among young people.


3. Pune’s Rich Ethos of Tourism:

Pune in all its might proposes itself as a city unlike anything else in this country. Pune has a wide range of tourism & destination spots to visit. With its central location, every tourist spot is a maximum of a 2-hour drive away from the city. Making it a great place for recreational purposes for Millennials.


4. An Ever-Booming IT Hub:

The IT sector of Pune is well known for, second in the ranks just next to the city of Bangalore. The city has provided ample employment opportunities to young people from all across the country, making it ever so easy for them to make it their abode.


5. An Epicentre of Educational Institutions:

Pune has several educational institutions like schools, colleges & universities. This is due to the massive developmental projects related to the field of education & academia. Pune has emerged as a city with ample options for students coming from all walks of life.


6. Green & Clean Living Spaces:

Pune is surrounded by greenery all year throughout, surrounded by Sahyadri Mountains. The green ethos of the city has attracted a young population who are choosing Pune in comparison to other metropolitan cities.


7. Spectacular Climate All-Throughout The Year:

The city of Pune is blessed with a spectacular climate because of its geographical location, placed amid the Western Ghats. Pune has stood the test of time to be a magnificent location for Millennials who want to like a stress-free life during perpetually pleasant weather.


8. An Ideal Place for Food Lovers:

Because of its mixed & diverse culture, Pune has inculcated multiple cuisines from different cultural localities. Making it a place that has it all, from Marathi Cuisine to Korean delicacies. Pune has everything in store for you, a perfect place for Millennials who seek joy from replenishing their taste buds.


9. A Safe Place for Everybody:

Pune is one of the safest cities in this country. An uncomplicated place for people of all age groups- a city where women can feel safe at night and can walk freely without any apprehensions. This is a very vital point in the equation of things.


10. Convenient Adjoining Areas:

With Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar, Mumbai, Lavasa, Konkan & Goa all at a manageable distance from the city, Pune with its wonderful placement has become a force to reckon with; making it an excellent investment option for Millennials who want the best of everything.

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