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February 28, 2022
Why Lucknow is the Next Hot Selling Investment Market in Uttar Pradesh After Noida?

How has Lucknow emerged as the new hub for investors? To know more read below.

The real estate investment market is growing and Uttar Pradesh seems to be at the forefront of this growing market. A hotspot for flagship project and not to be surprised Lucknow is at the heart of this increasing influx of investors in Uttar Pradesh.

Before 2017 Uttar Pradesh is known to be the least preferred destination for investors. But by 2021, the cycle of time has changed Uttar Pradesh has emerged as the most preferred location hub for industrialists. With new and ongoing projects in hand, Uttar Pradesh is on the second list of the Government of India’s Business Reform Action Plan ranking.

Are we to assume all the investment is still concentrated in Noida/Greater Noida? 

For many years, Noida has been the epicenter for real estate development and investment. But it would not all be true to assume that Noida is still the hub for every real estate investment. Lucknow as an example is unfolding as an attractive location for investment, Brahmos Aerospace manufacturing unit is to be installed. To not make any confusion or contradictory statement with no doubt Greater Noida is a success story of real estate investment projects. Even now Noida stands tall in the investment market, as is evident from projects such as the upcoming Jewar international airport.

Lucknow is the new talk of the town for the investment market in Uttar Pradesh. 

After most of the investment has been poured into Noida, now the next big thing and the next hot selling investment market in Uttar Pradesh is Lucknow. To many experts, Lucknow is all set to emerge as the epicenter for realty development and investment. But what makes this possible, how did Lucknow prepare itself to become the new real estate hotbed. This can be explained with good governance with a focus on real estate development, fueled by rapid infrastructural development in Uttar Pradesh, and the influx of huge investment projects. To top all this Lucknow has always been an industrial hub but in recent years this has skyrocketed with manufacturing, food processing, electronics, banking, IT, and real estate flowing in. Another biggest reason for investors to be interested in Lucknow is the access to connectivity.

The economy of Uttar Pradesh is rising to new heights and this has attracted investors to pour in to make it the hotbed for the real estate investment market. Noida has been a success story with many successfully implemented projects, following this footstep Lucknow is the new hot selling investment market.

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