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November 2, 2023
A Glimpse into M3M India: Leading the Way in Real Estate

Established in 2010, M3M India has become the leading real estate developer in North India. The real estate company, built upon the ethics of transparency, commitment, and passion, is dedicated to becoming one of the most sought-after contenders in the industry. Today, the developer has successfully become an integral part of the country’s built environment ecosystem, having triumphantly revolutionised the residential and retail segments in the country.


The company today is renowned for its adherence to timely deliveries, providing high-quality, customer-oriented spaces that are meticulously planned to be located in the country’s growth corridors and carefully designed, ensuring high returns on investment. The company has more than 50 projects in Gurugram itself and a massive saleable portfolio of over 30 million sq. ft.


In a recent press release, the company’s representative revealed that the real estate extraordinaire company is planning to deliver six projects totaling 6.5 million sq. ft. in FY 2023–24, accounting for ₹3,250 crore. Out of these projects, two residential and one commercial project, M3M Heights, M3M Flora68, and M3M Skylofts, have already been delivered in the first half of the financial year. In the second half, the company is expected to deliver three more projects, M3M Atrium 57, M3M Soulitude, and M3M Lofts 74, accounting for about 4 million sq. ft. of land and having a construction cost of ₹2,00 crore. 


M3M Soulitude:

Located in Sector in the thriving micromarket of New Gurugram, M3M Soulitude brings to you ultra-luxurious 3 BHK residences. The 30-acre low-rise residence is designed to bring you homes that give you the privacy you have always dreamed of while living in a community of like-minded people. Just minutes away from Dwarka Expressway, NH8, and KMP Motorway, these homes place you in the heart of a thriving catchment while enclosing you in a haven of tranquillity.

M3M Heights:

Have you ever dreamt of living in homes that provide a living experience akin to living amidst clouds? M3M’s latest offering, M3M Heights in Sector 65 Gurgaon, promises to give you exactly that. The 34-story high-rise residences are a testimony to M3M’s commitment to delivering residential spaces that exceed all expectations. From taking exhilarating morning walks on the rooftop jogging tracks to the rooftop green terraces, here you can unwind in the clouds.


M3M Atrium: 

The realty extraordinaire, in its mission to elevate the built environment ecosystem of the country, has provided numerous luxurious retail developments. Out of these, the M3M Atrium in Sector 57, Gurgaon, definitely stands out. The high-street retail centre in Gurgaon is designed in such a manner that all the retail outlets enjoy excellent visibility. Further, the double-heighted shops give a luxurious shopping experience to all who visit.

To summarise, M3M India, a real estate leader in North India, has made a remarkable impact since its inception in 2010. With a commitment to transparency and quality, they’ve revolutionised the industry. Their projects, like M3M Soulitude, M3M Heights, M3M Atrium, and many more showcase their dedication to excellence. As they continue to deliver on their promises, M3M India remains a symbol of innovation and transformation in real estate.

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