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June 27, 2024
Dwarka Expressway: Key to the Expanding Real Estate Market in Gurugram 

Gurugram, a bustling city in the National Capital Region (NCR), with a rapidly growing tech industry market, is undergoing a transformative phase from the realty standpoint. This progress can be accredited to many factors such as the influx of working professionals and favourable renting prices over a few decades. However, the most recent surge can be majorly credited to the most awaited infrastructure development – Dwarka Expressway. 

The Dwarka Expressway can be deemed as the third crucial connecting link between Delhi and Gurgaon, just as NH-8 and Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road pump life into the city. This 29-kilometre stretch of road has emerged as the key to economic growth, job creation, and an expanding real estate boom, positioning the city as the epicentre for a lucrative investment opportunity. 

Spanning 18.9 km in Gurugram and 10.1 km in Delhi, this 16-lane access-controlled highway from Shiv Murti to Kherki Daula is an exemplary product of modern engineering brilliance. It features an 8-lane grade-separated route, three-lane service roads, numerous underpasses at intersections, and multi-level interchanges for the convenience of the commuters. The expressway drastically reduces the time needed to travel between the two cities. 

Further, the strategically located expressway offers direct access to the upcoming India International Convention Centre (IICC) in Dwarka’s Sector 25 and an alternate route to IGI Airport via an 8-lane tunnel. It ensures seamless connectivity to Bijwasan railway station, NH-8, and Southern Peripheral Road (SPR). Planned developments include a new interstate bus station and urban forests using the Miyawaki technique, enhancing greenery with 30 times denser and 10 times taller plantations. Thus, making it an attractive corridor for future growth and development.


Real Estate Transformation

The Dwarka Expressway has triggered a remarkable increase in real estate development over the past decade. More than 53,000 housing units have been introduced along its corridor, and the success is apparent from the impressive 80% sale that has already been accounted for in the region. 

The rise in demand has consequently spiked the property prices making the area a highly coveted residential destination, appealing to the home buyers seeking modern living spaces. The proof of the significantly positive price surge is the trend observed in the region where property prices rose by 41% from 2020 to 2023 along the Dwarka Expressway. This upward trend highlights the area’s growing popularity among investors and homeowners alike, drawn by its modern infrastructure and promising investment potential. 

The striking appreciation in property values shows that property buyers see it as an attractive and lucrative investment. The prime real estate destination awaits further appreciation, making it a perfect time to invest in the market.


Sustainable Urban Development

Situated near the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport and seamlessly connected to major cities like Delhi and Jaipur, the Dwarka Expressway has positioned Gurugram as a facilitator for businesses and industries. This strategic location has attracted new ventures leading to job creation across sectors like construction, logistics, and hospitality. The improved accessibility has further amplified Gurugram’s appeal as a commercial hub. 

Beyond connectivity, the Dwarka Expressway prioritises sustainable urban planning. Green corridors and landscaped areas integrated along the expressway contribute to a healthier environment, enhancing the overall quality of life for the residents. Renowned builders are launching integrated townships incorporated with essential amenities like schools, hospitals, and shopping centres to promote a sustainable living environment. It reflects a thoughtful approach to development that balances growth while incorporating environmental conservation methods.


Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Gurugram is ready to accomplish feats with sustainable and economic urban development in India. The ongoing development of the Dwarka Expressway promises to unlock even greater opportunities, through connectivity, and residential appeal in the region. As infrastructure continues to evolve and expand, Gurugram’s transformation into a dynamic urban centre is set to attract more investments, businesses, and residents seeking a vibrant and prosperous living environment.

The Haryana section of the infrastructure milestone was recently inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, highlighting the importance of the project and marking the significant leap forward in Gurugram’s infrastructure. It aims to alleviate traffic congestion and boost activities by enhancing connectivity between Delhi and Gurugram. The arterial link between the two cities has established itself as a transformative force driving Gurugram’s evolution towards a flourishing future.

The impact of impact on real estate, economic growth, and sustainable development is apparent in underlying the significant role it has in shaping the future of the Delhi-NCR region.


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