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September 4, 2023
Emerging Horizons: Why New Gurgaon Should Be Your Next Investment


Did you know that the real estate sector is the second-largest employer in India? In addition to this, the sector is projected to touch a US $1 trillion market size and contribute to approximately 18%–20% of the country’s GDP by 2030. Looking at these figures, it is no surprise that while the inclination to invest in real estate has always been integral to the Indian community, the latest decade has witnessed a multifold amplification of this trend. It is no wonder then that the Indian real estate developers operating in the country’s major urban centres are poised to complete a whopping 558,000 homes in 2023.


Understandably, then, the country, owing to the massive transformation led by the real estate sector, is today a global powerhouse. Among the numerous cities that have participated in the country’s metamorphosis, the city of Gurugram has proven itself unequivocally as the top option to work and reside. The Millenial City currently holds the distinction of being the second-largest technological hub and the third-largest financial and banking hub in the country.


In the last five years, however, an interesting trend has been observed by industry insiders. While central Gurugram has become synonymous with overcrowding and exorbitant property prices, it is the micromarket of New Gurugram that has been garnering attention for being a prime investment hotspot. In fact, according to a study conducted by ANAROCK, the micromarket has witnessed a 5% appreciation in the last four years. In the blog, we will endeavour to delve into reasons why New Gurugram is the ideal investment avenue for everyone, from end-buyers to investors.

Amenities, Accessibility, Affluence: New Gurugram’s Investment Allure

One of the key factors that one needs to consider when looking for a place to invest is its location. This is because the location of your investment can not only significantly affect its appreciation potential, but it can also define your lifestyle for many years to come if you are a homeowner. While the delineation of what an ideal location is might differ widely depending on the type of investment you might want to undertake, there are certain common factors that are indeed universal.


For instance, when you are looking for an ideal residential space, you must ensure that it is situated in the midst of every necessary social amenity, like educational institutions, hospitals, financial institutions, and recreational avenues. Also, modern homebuyers, who prioritise work-life balance and accessibility, would prefer their homes to be in the vicinity of major employment hubs. Further, it is critical that the transit infrastructure of the locale you have invested in is progressive. When you invest in a real estate asset in New Gurugram, you get to enjoy living and working in a thriving catchment that not only meets but exceeds these criteria.


  • A Location that Beckons
    • New Gurugram is strategically located between the capital city of Delhi, the prominent industrial hub of Manesar, and the commercial jewel of North India, Gurugram. It is also in close proximity to the major employment hubs of Neemrana, Bhiwadi, Sohna Road, and Cyber City.

      This has led to the micro market being a haven of attractive employment opportunities as well as a thriving ecosystem of major multinational corporations, SMEs, startups, and leading retail avenues.
    • The Public Investment Board (PIB) has approved the Gurugram Metro Extension Plan, under which a 28.5 km-long metro corridor will be constructed between Huda City Centre and Dwarka Expressway, with 27 elevated metro stations. Once completed, the line will increase connectivity between Gurugram and Dwarka Expressway, the latter being one of the most promising commercial hotspots in the country.
    • The micro market of New Gurugram is also a locale boasting amazing arterial roadways and progressive transit infrastructure. The locale is in proximity to  Kundli-Manesar-Palwal, Dwarka Expressway and National Highway-48.

      The sixteen-lane, access-controlled highway, Dwarka Expressway, also popularly known as Northern Peripheral Road, connects Mahipalpur in Delhi to Kherki Daula Toll Plaza. The corridor will not only substantially reduce traffic on the Delhi-Gurugram Expressway, by providing an alternative route but will also reduce commute time to Indira Gandhi International Airport.

      Further, the Delhi-Mumbai Corridor, proposed to be home to major industrial zones along it, will pass through New Gurugram. 
    • New Gurugram is situated near the planned ISBT along the Dwarka Expressway and holds the position for the upcoming railway station in Sector 101. These advancements play a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency of the Delhi-NCR transportation network.

An ideal example of a residential development strategically located is the newly launched project in New Gurgaon, known as  M3M Golf Hills, by the ingenious developer M3M. Situated in the booming micromarket of New Gurugram, the residential project is located in the vicinity of top-of-the-class social institutions like the L.S. Convent School, the ultra luxurious hotel Hyatt Regency, making everything you could ever need easily accessible.


  • A Plethora of Residential Choices

    For those looking to invest in a real estate asset in 2023, New Gurugram provides the ideal opportunity. This is because the locale is emblematic of a paradise of choices for discernible investors. From residential spaces like luxury villas and independent floors to premium condominiums, the location has it all. Not only that, the developers in the city have strategically developed residences that are decked out with luxurious amenities that the modern dwellers of the city desire. With features like tiered security, eco-friendly features, and wellness facilities within integrated townships and gated communities, developers have ingeniously targeted the ambitious, rising middle-class demographic with their new projects.

    M3M Antalya Hills, for instance, is a residential project in New Gurgaon, that brings its occupants the perfect blend of green, secure and leisurely living spaces. Spread across an expansive 50-acres land parcel, it provides ultra-luxurious 2.5, 3.5 & 4.5 BHK Residences in Sectors 79A and 79B.


  • An Investors’ Paradise

    In addition to being the ideal place for buying your next home, New Gurugram is also an investment hotspot. This is because the locale boasts being the home of major multinational corporations, a seamless and accessible transit architecture, and a pandora of choices when it comes to residential spaces, catering to a wide range of price points. As the region witnesses growth in terms of infrastructure, commercial activities, and overall development, property values are likely to appreciate over time. Real estate property trends in the area corroborate a steady appreciating trend, and as the infrastructure development of the area continues, the appreciation momentum is projected to only intensify.

    When it comes to residential spaces it is a must to invest in one that not only checks all the criteria discussed above, but also one that is developed by a real estate magnate that has both experience and excellence. When it comes to Godrej Horizon in Sector 79, you will be assured you are investing in a residential project in the booming investment landscape of New Gurgaon, with the expert hand of the realty pioneer backing you. 


In conclusion, investing in New Gurugram presents an array of compelling reasons that extend far beyond the traditional boundaries of real estate opportunities. This burgeoning hub is not merely a location; it’s a strategic move towards a future enriched with possibilities. As we’ve explored throughout this blog, the convergence of factors such as strategic location, infrastructure development, economic growth backed by Fortune 500 companies, and a wide array of residential developments makes New Gurugram an investment prospect that holds significant promise.

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