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October 25, 2023
Is Bangalore real estate still a viable investment? 10-year of Impressive Returns

As Indians, investing in real estate has been the ultimate investment opportunity. Homebuyers across India are reaping hefty returns from their residential purchase. In this blog, we will look at the current returns and further observe the factors that will help you determine how to seek properties with a high investment potential.


Bangalore’s Success – 10-Year Saga of Booming Progress

Owning a home for most of us can be a probable investment but foremost, it is majorly a necessity. The primary aim, thus, is to have a roof over our heads to call ours forever. But, as homebuyers, it is important to remember that this emotional decision is also a major financial checkpoint which will determine your future in the decades to come.

One can argue that other investments perform better than residential property but the recent data shows otherwise. At present, the returns from the house prices stand at the same level as the fixed deposits. So, if you are buying a home today with no thoughts about the returns, then think again. 

Recently, and Liases Foras conducted a study on Bangalore’’s real estate sector. It showed that over the past decade, Bengaluru’s housing market has delivered an impressive 8.98% return on investment. Essentially surpassing the traditional investment options.


Bangalore Is Not An Anomaly

If you are thinking that this trend was observed only in Bangalore, then that is not the case. The study analyzed the housing market returns in seven top-tier cities of India, including Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, NCR, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai. Hyderabad topped the list with a striking 13.99% ROI. Even cities like Kochi and Lucknow, as per the House Price Index, show 9.94% and 9.11% 10-year returns. Thus, investing in properties in these cities may prove to be a very fruitful prospect in the long run.

There were some exceptions in the list too like Mumbai and Chennai that, lagged with 6.72% and 6.15% respectively. It is interesting to note that Mumbai Residential proved to be a better investment in the short term. On the other hand, Delhi showed the highest figure for 1-year returns – a whopping 14.84% which makes it ideal for a short-term investment opportunity.

It can be observed that in the long run, more returns can be expected from the cities anticipating development and growth. Bengalore’s 8.98% return is a testimony to the fact that the city has a thriving real estate market and much potential for homebuyers. 


Residential Real Estate as an Investment:

The aforementioned study by and Liases Foras also pointed out that when compared to other traditional investment avenues such as gold, fixed deposits, and mutual funds, the study found that real estate investments have outperformed in all cities except Mumbai and Chennai. This demonstrates the resilience and long-term potential of the housing market, even amidst economic slowdowns and policy changes.


The Factors you should be looking at:

To maximize returns on real estate investments, experts suggest the following factors as primary determinants for best return – 

1.  Location – a good location where most of the development is done or anticipated will guarantee a good return.  

2. Infrastructure development – seamless connectivity and access to public services add to convenience and comfort and ensure better returns

3. Builder reputation  –the safety of your investment is primary so always look for a developer that has delivered the projects timely and is a trusted name in the market.

4. Demand – if the demand for a property is high, foremost it is easy to find a buyer. Also, a demand property is likely to have all the above factors in line.



Bengaluru, with its booming IT sector and growing population, offers a range of investment opportunities for both end-users and investors. Addtionally, the Bengaluru’s housing market has proven to be a great investment opportunity over the past decade. As the city continues to grow and evolve, investors can look forward to long-term potential in the residential real estate sector. By carefully considering factors such as location, demand, and infrastructure, investors can find promising opportunities in Bengaluru’s thriving housing market.


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