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November 4, 2023
Prestige City Hyderabad: The City’s Largest Township is Here

From iconic historical sites to a rich culinary heritage to a booming IT/ITes sector, the city of Hyderabad is an interesting amalgamation of the best of both the world, the ancient and modern. The City of Pearls, with its rich cultural heritage, is today one of the country’s fastest-developing locales, evidential of a new India, where tradition intermingles with sky-high buildings to form a beautifully intricate tapestry unique to the country.


The city, often colloquially known as Cyberabad, is today home to leading IT giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. The city’s development into a major employment hub has led to a substantial surge in demand for residential real estate. A recent study by a leading real estate consultancy corroborates this, with the city being responsible for the largest number of residential units sold in Q1 2023 amongst the top 7 cities in India.


Recently, South India’s leading real estate developer, Prestige Group, unveiled its flagship offering, Prestige City, in Hyderabad. The development is set to be the city’s largest township, spread across over 64 acres. Before we delve into the details of this mega community, however, it is important to note that, established in 1986, Prestige Group is one of the most celebrated real estate developers in India. The real estate developer synonymous with innovation and plush living has delivered over 280 projects till date, with an approximate land bank of 170+ million sq. ft. delivered and another 170 million sq. ft. under development.


The only CRISIL DA1+-rated real estate company in India, Prestige Group’s latest offering is already garnering a lot of attention. A representative of the company recently stated that the realty is investing approximately 5000 crores in the mega township, which comprises approximately 5000 units of apartments and villas. The township is envisioned to consist of a large array of housing options ranging from 1 BHK to 4 BHK, catering to the needs of a wide range of residents.


Designed by internationally renowned architect Hafeez Contractor, Prestige City Hyderabad offers its residents a microcosm of utopian existence. From a canopy of tree-lined avenues to verdant landscaped gardens and cascading lawns, the township provides its residents with a bucolic existence everyone yearns for. The picturesque gated township is located next to the idyllic Mulagund Lake in Rajendra Nagar, heightening the former’s beauty even further. Not only this, the development is surrounded by the National Institute of Agricultural Sciences and the Agri Biodiversity Park on either side, nestling in nature’s pristine beauty.


The township situated in Budvel, Rajendra Nagar, is known for its serene ambience, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. At the same time, the area is seamlessly connected to the rest of the city via the Outer Ring Road, which allows residents to access the major commercial areas without any hassle. In addition to this, while the township in itself has space allotted for commercial development, the region too has a rich framework of essential services like schools, healthcare facilities, and local markets.


Prestige City, the flagship offering by Prestige Group, stands as a testament to the city’s growth and development. With its expansive township, thoughtfully designed residences, and picturesque surroundings, it epitomises the fusion of nature and urban living. It offers a serene haven in the midst of the city, providing residents with the best of both worlds.



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